Timo Viialainen, b. 1981, is a Helsinki-based sound, performance and video artist who explores the areas of conceptual art, our way of experiencing the immediate and the conflict of our senses and the intellect.

"My approach to sound and light is to use them as sources of impact and energy and to do this they need to have strong dynamics and focus. That is why I prefer to work with acoustic sound sources which can be heavily processed; combined with minimal light this enables me to use, for example, a live video camera as an instrument for sound and projection. One goal for me is to create a unique and powerful experience for the senses, but on the other hand I'm very interested in what is happening in the mind of the audience and myself in a performance situation. That is why I make use of a lot of symbols and play with the expectations of the audience. The form of my work is always performance art." Since he started to do solo performances in 2011 Timo Viialainen has performed extensively in Finland, Estonia, USA and Canada.

Timo Viialainen
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