Facilitators: John W. Fail (US/EE), John Grzinich (US/EE), Sari TM Kivinen (AUS/FI)

'DIS/Orientations' is an open-form workshop that will explore ideas of orientation and confusion in a collaborative practice. We will pose questions about meaning, intent and expression, and investigate contradiction. We will celebrate unknowing, indeterminancy and doubt.

"The failure of something to work is a matter of a failed orientation: a tool is used by a body for which it was not intended, or a body uses a tool that does not extend its capacity for action."
(Sara Ahmed, 'Queer Phenomenology')

Participants will engage in various activities to determine their orientations - toward or away from various criteria. A variety of trans-disciplinary idioms will be employed, including sound, visual, and
performative practices.

The nature of confusion - a state of disorientation - will be explored through exercises dealing with physical characteristics of performance (sound, space, movement). Participants will induce states of confusion to challenge their everyday perceptions, and enjoy the serendipities that come from inexactitude.

The focus of 'DIS/Orientations' is on process; there will not be any obligation to produce a documentable output. This workshop is intended for any creative practitioner who finds value in collaboration and surprises.

'DIS/Orientations' takes places at the library room of the main building of Harakka island,
Sunday 29 April 2012.

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