During performances, which exploit the traditions of scientific presentation and performance art, the groupís research projects take an artistic form as lectures transformed into theatrical spectacles. Documentations of these projects are realized through experimental media art. In a video screening, a viewer can find oneself part of a performance as images turn into flesh.

The MRCVE Artists Group was founded in 2002. The groupís modus operandi is to openly incorporate both scientific and artistic methods in its works. During its ten years of operation, it has performed in Europe and United States in addition to various single events in Finland. The State of the Nation I-III (2010ñ2011) series has been presented in Helsinki, Malmˆ (Sweden) and New York (US). MRCVE has also collaborated with German artist Johnny Amore in two projects: 7 for the Price of 1 (a performance tour in Germany and the Netherlands 2010) and Operation Neuschwanstein (Germany 2008). Research results that group has collected have been published as a book and videos.

MRCVE are Jussi Matilainen, Asko Nivala, Janne Rahkila and Simo Saarikoski.

Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics
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