Black to Comm is the moniker of Hamburg, Germany's Marc Richter.

Since 2003 Richter has released 6 full-length albums, including 2009's critically acclaimed "Alphabet 1968" on Type Records, a monolithic 36-minute one-chord drone CD on Digitalis Recordings ("Charlemagne & Pippin"), last year's vinyl-only collaboration with visual artist Mike Kelley on the En/Of label and three albums on his own Dekorder label.

His 7th album, a soundtrack for the film EARTH by Singapore director Ho Tzu Nyen will be released on De Stijl in March 2012.

Richter utilizes vinyl & shellac loops, antique electronic & pump organs, Argeiphontes Lyre, processed (and pure) voice and field recordings and various small acoustic and electronic instruments and effect devices to create intricate multi-layered collage based works combining the organic warmth and patina of vintage recordings and machinery with futuristic technology. Although the analog texture of his music discloses an almost romantic liaison with the past it is far from being overtly nostalgic. Contrary to the vast majority of so-called experimental music his output is often haunting and dream-like, melancholic and catchy. Even though influences of Musique Concrete and Minimal Music of the 60's and 70's can't be denied Black To Comm's output transcends genres und condenses them into airy song-based forms.


Black to Comm
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