"After my first public concert in January 1989 I decided to dedicate my life to music. And this is what I have done since then. A long time passed, many things have changed, others haven't. Back then we used to talk to each other face-to-face, nowadays people seem to prefer to do it virtually. Back then I used to bang on the drums, nowadays I improvise with a very charming self-made digital musical instrument called: "SENSOR-SOUND-MACHINE". The SSM is a kind of cyborg-ish apparatus, where blood, sweat and tears discover the worlds between the ones and zeros. This is what acclaimed sound artist Rinus van Alebeek thinks about that: "Timlin, from Helsinki, performs with darkness around him. Spread out in front of him are self-made instruments that come alive with the light of a torch."

23 years ago playing live was the most exciting thing to do...which still holds true.

23 years ago I was already able to hear some kind of organic digital soundscapes in my mind, nowadays I am finally able to create them. Sonic transformations in time.

I am happy to be invited to perform at this year's Là-bas biennale.

Please join and witness an effective dialog between man and machine!"

Marko Timlin
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