Live performances by visual artist Tanja Koistila, who lives and works in Helsinki, are realized through the means of sculpture, installation, video and performance art. Many of them investigate isolation and isolating from other people. Thematically, this could be called social anaesthesia.

In Koistila's live works and in their documentations a woman draws herself into a space, in which the surface of her skin means border, material, hindrance and touch. The live situation is based on the thoughts of an individual relating to her inner world and on the inner experience of the outside world. The personae, moods, spaces, materials and individual acts of the works operate as surfaces of contact and reflections of desires, which are both kept within and opened outwards; abandoned, escaping, feared, unknown, alien - yet perceived. These live works speak of containment, repression, seclusion, hiding, risk, exposure at a certain moment, valuable memories, the reprimanded, the needed and the necessary. They conain the idea of a space inbetween spaces, of awaiting. Something may happen or something has happened already. In the performance situation, time moves in layers with the memories.

Tanja Koistila
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