Artur Tajber is an influential artist, curator and organizer based in Krakow, Poland. Tajber's work reflects an interest in conceptual design and theory of art, unrestricted by disciplinary divisions. His distinguished exhibition and teaching careers have taken him to galleries, festivals and colleges in Europe, Asia and North America. Hi is a co-founder and the long-time President of the Association of Fort Sztuki (since 1996), as well as being the instigator and director of the Inter-Faculty Studio for Intermedia, Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow (since 2001).

"I am not a performance artist. I have been performing since mid-seventies and participating in worldwide ëperformance art movementí, in particular since the late eighties, that is since we regained (or perhaps were given) the right of unrestricted traveling. However, the core of my work is situated outside the category of performance, whatever your concept of it is. Performance is one of many, but often the central strategy of my work. A number of reasons contribute to it, the major ones being of a political, social and economic nature. TIME/EMIT, TABLEABLE, DESOL-AcTION"


Artur Tajber
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