Ornic' Art is a group of performers (Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, Video) based in Friche la Belle de Mai, an old tobacco factory, now an artistic and cultural centre in Marseille. Since 2001, they have performed in festivals of performance art, street art and in theatres.

"The performance does explore limits: limits of bodies, limits of the audience, public limits; confrontations with what is allowed and not allowed. We have been performing in public space for years, using streets, train stations, subways, busses, laundries, telephone booth, bus stations, parkings, pedestrian crossings... We enjoy performing with the public but also with passer-bys. We developed a concept of ìperformance commandoì: short actions in urban context questioning urban space with aesthetical, political and relational aims: Bug Off (2006), Place Nette (2007), Karcher Balade (2009), Radar Dolls (2011). Our indoors performance are close to interactive installations-performances: Idiosouper (2004), XY Wash 45 ∞ Couleurs (2005), Clash Temps (2008), Moutons Èlectriques (2011). We always make a proposition to the public to live and share an experience with the performers."

In 2007, Ornic' Art launched RedPlexus, network of exchanges and diffusion of performance and crÈe ìPrÈavis de DÈsordre Urbainì, international Festival-laboratory of performances. The 6th festival will take place in Marseille in september 2012. They also organized 2 festivals in Paris.

Ornic' Art
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