Born in 1956, lives and works in Tallinn.

"My approach to performance works:

The main focus of my performance work is to involve the audience in the performance.....I remember being in Malmo a couple of years ago watching a very nice durational performance piece; I was leaning up against the wall standing next to a friend when I realized and commented to my colleague: "Oh, this is our job as audience members; to be stuck to the wall like flies on fly paper" It was a rather unsettling realization that changed and challenged me to rethink and act out more in my works in order to get the audience more actively involved.... The audience members can be living contributors in performance works, can move and share their thoughts and feelings... if the performer is interested in opening the door to them... For me an audience that is sitting still, quiet and static might as well be dead, bags of flesh non-actively stuck to a spot... That is perhaps a bit extreme of a viewpoint but I like to remind them that we are alive!!!!! We are able to move and think and create something living together."

Steve Vanoni
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