"My past performance work concentrated on dynamically activating the audience as material in a series of performances in which I would facilitate a cooperative group performance that directly acknowledged the audience as experienced image-maker, while using simple phenomenon and activities as scenery.

In the last several years my work has moved in a new direction. The focus has turned from the audience as material to the artists body - my own body -in performance. I am now more concerned with spontaneous response to site/space/context, and working with and manipulating objects in the creation of live images. Concurrently, I strive to engage reflexively with the audience, often by using humour to create situations and images that reflect a combined concern with the aesthetics of social interaction and the formal presentation of art action."

Shannon Cochrane is a Toronto based performance artist. Her work has been presented in galleries, at theatre and performance art festival events in
Toronto, MontrÈal, Halifax and Vancouver, and internationally in China, ChilÈ, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Scotland,
Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Shannon is a founding member, co-curator and organizer of the 7a*11 International Festival of Performance
Art (www.7a-11d.ca) and is currently the Artistic & Administrative Director of FADO Performance Art Centre

Shannon Cochrane
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