The performances of the duo of jazz composer Valtteri Pöyhönen and film maker Joona Petterson, adhering to the concept of “cinema live”, combine pictorial and sonic material to create a modern audio-visual artistic experience. The sound world of Pöyhönen emanates from extremely effect-processed lo-fi Casio synthesizers of the 1980’s and the visual side comes from material Petterson has documented, for instance, of East European architecture and West Africa. The aesthetic of the performances is closer to noise music’s textural chaos than narrative cinematic story-telling. The work is constructed real-time based heavily on the duo’s mutual interaction and improvisation.

Valtteri Pöyhönen and Joona Pettersson were acquainted in Africa in Benin’s Villa Karo residence in December 2010 and they immediately embarked on a two week’s adventure in Burkina Faso and Togo. Their professional skill in their own field of work and their artistic lack of prejudice creates something that is strongly connected to the present time.

The duo’s debut performance was in Berlin on May 2011 at the club Mme Claude and they first performed in Helsinki during Taiteiden yö at the opening of the exhibition of Mimosa Pale and Jukka Rusanen at Kluuvi Gallery. In 2012, P//P performs at Là-bas Biennale and at the new Kuudes aisti festival.

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