Ikihevonen (The Eternal Horse) is a Helsinki based improvisational rock trio, concisting from electric guitar, bass and drums on the stage, and having also keyboards and some singing on the record. The group focuses to very free and reactive playing, having roots in blues and expanding their musical approach towards the infinite possibilities of psychedelic atavism. According Ander Bergman (bass), the group started as a free form jamming session following the rule "You can't do wrong in Ikihevonen". The players regard the group as a form of space ship, where the participation and devotion works as the fuel, the ride itself being the goal. Guitar and keyboards are played by Antti Ruuhela, and Kalle Leino plays the drums.

Their first CD was recorded and released in 2009 by Silakka label. The music is powerful, trashy psychedelic flow, uncompromized, sincere and powerful. Approavch is slightly similar with aggressive krautrock experintations like of early Amon D¸¸l, though better produced. Also the menacing neurotic drones of Pharaoh Overlord could be an association, though this group is more varying in their approach than many stoner rock groups are.

Sounds are quite dirty and there is much musical content, ranging from oppressive dark passages to more open, light and calm moments, and also from focused musical constructiveness to sincere playful dadaism. Sometimes the guitar is heavily treated with electronics, concealing the original source of sound and expanding the pallette of sound texture from classical acid rock trio sound. In addition of violent mantras there are also visits from acoustic instruments and also electronic music.

In addition of the record one can find the group performing live at various concert stages. This group is warmly recommended to all fans of hardcore psychedelic art rock music.

Produced by Shinji Kanki
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