Jukka Hautamäki is media artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Hautamäki has been composing and performing experimental electronic music since 1993.

With Ihokas moniker Hautamäki has maintained a unique kind of style while avoiding the most common solutions. His music could be described as abstract ambient noise with a twist of ambivalent emotions.

Ihokas live music is combination of digital sound processing, live sampling, and diy sound modules and it is usually accompanied by video projection. For Labas Biennale 2012, Hautamäki has created concept which can be described as microscopic scale live electronics performance.

Hautamäki is founding member of Turku based experimental electronics association Kokomys. He has held interactive sound art and electronics workshops in Finland, Estonia, Poland and Germany. He has also worked as a sound designer for animations and short films. These works have been featured in Finnish national tv, film festivals and art museums.

Hautamäki has performed in Europe and United States. The music has been released on albums and V/A compilations by Turbo Records (CAN), Lumi Records (FIN), [aanite] (FIN), Luumu Recordings (FIN), Acidsoxx Musicks (USA).

Jukka Hautamäki
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