Kaarina Ormio is born in Helsinki 1968. Lives in Helsinki. She is MFA, The Fine Arts Academy, The Departments of Time and Space, and Sculpture, Helsinki, Finland, 2001. She has studied also in Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000, and Tallinn Art University, The Departments of Metal Art and Sculpture, Tallinn, Estonia, 1992 - 1993.

Kaarina Ormio is a visual artist working with different media, such as installations, dresses, videos. She is done for example a short Film of Princesse Algieba's, Princesse Bellatrix' and Prince Betelgeuze's Travels to H‰me in Finland, Toolse on the North Coast of Estonia, Laitosaari Island in Lake Pielinen in Northern Karelia of Finland and in the Clouds over Sweden. A film documenting the several years' performance project "Princess Algieba, Prince Betelgeuze and Princess Bellatrix Travel around the Baltic Sea". In the project started in 1997 co-operation with Jaan Pärnamäe (EST) Elin T. Sorensen (NO).

Kaarina Ormio tells of her project Princess Algieba, Prince Betelgeuze and Princess Bellatrix Travel around the Baltic Sea: "The project started as travelling and visiting performances. We visited different places around the Baltic Sea, sometimes festivals, but often places where people were not waiting for us. The 'performances' were more an effort to play seriously like children do, to LIVE as fairytale princesses and a fairytale prince, more than theatrical performances with a start and an end on an art scene.
First I was negative to documenting anything since it makes the play less serious, but with time we needed evidence for art institutions and to get some more responce. So we documented the visits with photo, text, 8 mm film, music... and have published them for example in installations and in a book. For people who happened to see us, we hoped to create moments of recalling dreams of Something Else, that is beyond the politically correct and fashionable everyday, to remind them on something already forgotten, that might as well be a part of themselves."
Kaarina Ormio
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