The poets' association Nihil Interit is a community of writers and readers of poems formed in 1993. The aim of Nihil Interit is to advance writing, reading, performing and discussing Finnish Poetry.

Nihil Interit carries out its mission by maintaining several meeting places suc as as Tuli & Savu poetry paper and Nokturno, a website for digital poetry. The association also organizes various poetry events, in which the ways of
performing poetry are rethought and their poetics are discussed. Examples: Helsinki Poetics Conference and Karkkipäivä poetry club.

In the Concept of Performance biennale, Nihi Interit performs non-stop action poetry at Ylioppilasteatteri on Friday, 27 April with Eino Santanen, Silja Järventausta, JukkaViikilä, Marko Niemi, Miia Toivio, Teemu Manninen, Sirpa Kyyrönen and Lassi Hyvärinen.

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