Juha Forss is an performance and visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He works with performance-, installation-, sound- and video art, and also with writing. Currently he is studying in the MA Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies at Theatre Academy, Helsinki.

"Important issue and subject matter in my artistic practice is the research on what kind of subjectivity is produced for the (western, neo-liberal, late) capitalist society. My intention is to make a critical analysis about capitalism, its essence, methods and ideological substance. Through my artistic practice I want to increase knowledge about those cultural, social, political and economical structures that define our lives and choices. I try to outline and expose those meaning fields and forces which creates individuals conditions of existence, and what are the effects of capitalism to the psychological structure of human. With my works I try to woke up the doubt and provoke people to question the prevailing conception of the world, its moral and the internalized authorities and norms."

Juha Fors
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