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Subject: RE: Quoting from sources online
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Date: ti 13 loka   1998 - 13:52:56 EEST

Does not violate copyright because the quote is not being used by the
third party nor being used without proper attribution (permission is not
necessary); the source/medium of the quote is not relevant because the
expression of the idea can be on many types of media; and the law in the
US presently indicates that the Internet is no different from other
media when exact copying is involved -- the Playboy cases, and their
progeny, should assist on that.

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> Subject: Quoting from sources online
> My apologies for cross postings of this message.
> May I solicit list members' comments, suggestions, assistance
> concerning the following situation? I would like to include the
> information in an article I'm researching on Internet and copyright.
> I'm interested in both U.S. and international.
> If an online content writer quotes a small portion of a larger
> document, say just a paragraph of 100 words, and gives it full
> attribution, but does not first obtain written permission to use the
> quote, does it violate copyright? Does the source of the quote
> (newspaper, magazine, book, newsletter) make any difference? Is it
> the same or different on the Internet as compared to hard-copy
> writing?
> Thanks so much for your help.
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