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Subject: Re: Quoting from sources online
From: Edward Barrow (
Date: ma 12 loka†† 1998 - 23:04:24 EEST

Gail Ludvigson wrote:
> My apologies for cross postings of this message.
> May I solicit list members' comments, suggestions, assistance
> concerning the following situation? I would like to include the
> information in an article I'm researching on Internet and copyright.
> I'm interested in both U.S. and international.
> If an online content writer quotes a small portion of a larger
> document, say just a paragraph of 100 words, and gives it full
> attribution, but does not first obtain written permission to use the
> quote, does it violate copyright? Does the source of the quote
> (newspaper, magazine, book, newsletter) make any difference? Is it
> the same or different on the Internet as compared to hard-copy writing?
> Thanks so much for your help.
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As far as UK law is concerned, it's impossible to give an absolute
answer, but in principle the law does not distinguish between online and
print media. Short quotations of the type you mention may well be
permissible under the "fair dealing for the purposes of criticism or
review" provisions. A 'sufficient acknowledgement' is mandatory.

Edward Barrow

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