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Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK)

Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees (STTK)

Confederation of Unions
for Academic Professionals in Finland (Akava)

Trade Union Organisations in Cooperation

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Other sites on economy and working life:

viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) In terms of real property, one Finland equals two Nokias, Helsingin Sanomat 08.01.2001
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) The growth of the Finnish economy did not eradicate unemployment, Helsingin Sanomat 03.01.2001
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Only one Finn in nine actually retire at late as 65, Helsingin Sanomat 02.01.2001
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Incomes policy agreement approved; The incomes policy agreement in a nutshell;The economic backgrounf of the incomes policy agreement  SAK 15.12.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Collective bargaining in Finland 1999-2000, Pekka Sauramo, Labour Institute for Economic Research, Helsinki (pdf-file)
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Working environment greater cause of absenteeism than lifestyle Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 05.12.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) New job creation down 50 % this year Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 01.12.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Made in Hong Finland Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 28.11.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Bars and restaurants among Finland's most hazardous work places Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 27.11.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Finland faces labour shortage in all sectors in 2005 Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 23.11.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) New two-year incomes agreement announced Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 17.11.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Increased disparities in wealth distribution Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 09.11.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Floating shopping centers might become a thing of the past Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 24.10.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) SAK member unions vote to go with two-year wage deal Helsingin Sanomat International Edition 03.10.2000
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) National Economy
and State Finances

Ministry of Finance
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Occupational Safety and Health Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Dispute highlights threats to Finnish seafarers' jobs eironline
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Strikes break out as bargaining round nears conclusion eironline
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) "Barometer" examines industrial relations in Baltic states eironline
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Strike levels fall in 1999 eironline
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Action programme launched to promote "ability to cope" at work eironline
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) SAK computer campaign proves successful eironline
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) European working time conference held in Helsinki

More on
and in Finland:

viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Etusivu - The Finnish Link Resource
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Helsinki Camera - Views over the city
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Virtual Finland - Information about Finland - Facts about Finland
provided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

viiva.jpg (1278 bytes)Finland - World Fact Book entry - tons of links!
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes)Statistics Finland
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Helsingin Sanomat - International Edition - News from Finland
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Need a reliable lawyer - The Finnish Bar Association can help
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Moving to Finland? - Directorate of Immigration
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes) Ministry of Labour Migration affairs page
viiva.jpg (1278 bytes)National Equal Opportunities Network - Fighting discrimination