RE: copyright, music and performance

Subject: RE: copyright, music and performance
From: Tim Vermeir (
Date: ti 23 maalis 1999 - 03:12:03 EET

At what price / rate per hour?

Tim Vermeir


>From: Eamon Fennessy
Sent: maandag 22 maart 1999 07:35
Subject: Re: copyright, music and performance

For Guy Gazit, University of Tel-Aviv, Israel: Re use of musical pieces in
your movie. Let me know: 1. which piece of music you wish to use, 2. the
audience for the movie (its anticipated size and location for viewing), 3.
how it will be used (background music for a dramatic or comedic scene, a
dance scene, etc), 4. the composer, 5. whether there will be a charge for
the performance, and 6. whether the movie will be produced by a for-profit
or not-for-profit production company. We at The Copyright Group arrange
permissions for the global use of protected works for videos, movies, print,
and the electronic use of copyrighted materials. Let's see whether we can
help you.

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