REDI (Revista Electronica de Derecho Informatico)

Subject: REDI (Revista Electronica de Derecho Informatico)
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: ti 06 loka   1998 - 18:45:07 EEST

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This mail is to announce the second issue of REDI (Revista Electronica
de Derecho Informatico, Electronic Magazine of Computer Law).

Number 2. Septiembre de 1998.
Edita: Derecho Org: Buscador de Derecho & Comunidad Virtual.
Dirigen: Erick Iriarte y Luis Faus.


Gregor C. Heinrich.
"Harmonised Global Interchange? UNCITRAL's draft model law for
Electronic Data Interchange."

Xavier Ribas.
"Electronical Trade in Internet. Legal Aspect"

Mauricio Devoto y Horacio M. Lynch.
"Bank, Trade, Electronical Money and Digital Signature".

Fernando Ramos Suarez.
"Legal Troubles in Electronical Trade".

Nicolas Garcia Aguilar.
"About Responsability in Computer Law".

Javier A. Maestre.
"Domain Names. Formulation of Legal Problematic"

Humberto Carrasco Blanc,
con la colaboracion de Christian Grollmuss Fritz.
"2000 Year Effect and Mercosur".


Lyonette Louis-Jacques.
"Law Lists."

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Y sigamos con este esfuerzo!!

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