CLA to offer Artistic Works Licence

Subject: CLA to offer Artistic Works Licence
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Date: ke 09 syys   1998 - 21:13:24 EEST



The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and the Design and Artists
Copyright Society (DACS) signed an agency agreement on July 30, 1998,
which for the first time in the UK will extend the offer of a licence to
photocopying artistic works from published material.

The new artistic works licence will first be offered to Higher Education
establishments in the coming academic term.

"This is an historic event," said Rachel Duffield, DACS' Chief
Executive, "for the first time artists and photographers will benefit,
as only authors and publishers have done previously, from the
photocopying licences issued to establishments by the CLA. The 'user
community' have been crying out for this for years, and I am delighted
that the agreement between DACS and the CLA can facilitate this and
provide access to a new repertoire."

Peter Shepherd, CLA's Chief Executive stated: "This is an example of our
commitment to providing both existing and new licences with what they
have been asking for. The CLA plans to be in a position soon to offer
licences for electro-copying and digitisation of existing print
material, and we see the addition of artistic works as completing the
circle of rights that we can offer to users."

For further information please contact:

Peter Shepherd, CLA
Rachel Duffield, DACS

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