Preservation Map of Europe

Subject: Preservation Map of Europe
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Date: ma 20 huhti  1998 - 15:51:44 EEST

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The European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA) presents "The
Preservation Map of Europe" a virtual directory of organisations working
in the preservation field within Europe. This map includes detailed
information about preservation practice in European countries and can be
found at EPIC, the internet site of the ECPA.

Goal of the project

The project was funded by the European Commission (DG X) and aims to map
preservation policy and practice in Europe with the intent to stimulate
the flow of information. With this survey a better picture will emerge
of what is being done and in which area cooperation is possible and
necessary. Eventually, this will stimulate the development of joint
projects and more targeted research.

What is the Preservation Map?

The preservation map is a virtual directory of organizations working in
the preservation field in Europe containing detailed information such as
addresses, E-mail and telephone numbers of relevant organizations.
Besides this factual information, it gives a short description of the
organization and its preservation policy and activities. The map also
lists important preservation projects and training courses for staff.
Over the last year, the ECPA has collected information for the map by
sending out questionnaires, general appeals for information and letters
with specific questions.

At this moment information about the majority of countries in Europe is
available on the Internet. The map now includes: Norway, Sweden,
Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, the
United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Portugal,
Andorra, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria,
Macedonia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Work on the project continues
and the missing countries will be included as soon as possible. With a
special search mode viewers can get answers to their specific questions
about preservation in Europe.

Send us information about your organisation!

To make a directory of all large organizations in the field throughout
Europe has proved to be an extensive project that cannot be done without
the input of others. Work on the project continues and the ECPA asks for
your help in completing the survey. Please send us information or
updates about your country, organization, projects and training
facilities to:

European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA)
Mariska Herweijer
P.O. Box 19121
1000 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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