Decomate II project started

Subject: Decomate II project started
From: Jola Prinsen (
Date: ke 18 helmi  1998 - 14:45:44 EET

Dear Ecup-list subscribers,

On behalf of Tilburg University, I would like to inform you of a new
EC project which started recently. During this project a prototype of
a European, virtual library on economics will be developed. You can
read more about it in the press release below.

Kind regards,

Jola Prinsen
Public relations and communication
Tilburg University Library

Press release

New EC project

Tilburg University develops European library on economics

On Monday, 2 February, library, computer centre and the Faculty of
Economics of Tilburg University (the Netherlands) started the Decomate
II project. During this project a prototype of a European, virtual
library on economics will be developed. Partners in this project are:
the London School of Economics, the Universitat Autonoma de
Barcelona, the Instituto Universitario Europeo in Florence and
SilverPlatter Information Ltd. The total cost of Decomate II is
approximately 1.3 million ECU. The European Commission will provide a
subsidy of 877,000 ECU, the other costs will be covered by the
partners. The project has a duration of two and a half years.

Tilburg University is known all over the world for its advanced IT
infrastructure and innovative library. Six years ago, Tilburg
University built an ultramodern library with various innovative IT
facilities. One of the many international projects of the Tilburg
University library and computer centre was the Decomate I project. The
project, also subsidized by the European Commission, was concluded
successfully in March 1997. The full text of scientific journals on
economics was made available on the desktops of academic staff and
students.The London School of Economics and the Universitat Autonoma
de Barcelona cooperated in the project. The software developed during
Decomate I is currently operational in Tilburg, London and Barcelona
and is being used for electronic journals published by Elsevier
Science, Kluwer Academic Publishers and Academic Press.

The Decomate II project elaborates on the results of Decomate I. The
new project is not limited to journal articles, but focuses on a
variety of scientific documents from various sources (journal
articles, books, research papers, etc.). The user will get access to
the various sources and documents via one and the same World Wide Web
user interface. The subject area will remain inside the field of
economics. Tools for current awareness services will be developed
during the project, using advanced knowledge navigation techniques.
The project also serves as a test bed for licensing models with

Tilburg University's partners in the Decomate II project are: London
School of Economics, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Istituto
Universitario Europeo in Florence and SilverPlatter Information Ltd.
The publishers Elsevier Science and Kluwer Academic and the
subscription agent Swets & Zeitlinger are supporting partners. The
libraries of the Dutch Erasmus University, the Dutch University of
Maastricht and the Belgian Universite Libre de Bruxelles will serve as
test sites.

For more information:
- the Decomate II web site:
- Hans Geleijnse, Tilburg University librarian, +31-13-466 2121, e-

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