Multimedia intellectual property rights - Call for Proposals

Subject: Multimedia intellectual property rights - Call for Proposals
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Date: to 19 helmi† 1998 - 00:09:10 EET

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The EC has published a Call for Proposals for pilot or exploratory
projects aimed at contributing to the enhancement of the current
multimedia intellectual property rights trading environment in the EU.
This INFO2000 programme Call is intended to stimulate the development
and use of multimedia information content by increasing the
effectiveness and efficiency of multimedia rights clearance processes
between rightholders and multimedia product developers. There is a
ceiling for EC contributions of up to 250,000 ECU per project, but the
contribution will not exceed 50 percent of the costs.

The indicative budget available for this Call is 2.2 million ECU.

Closing date 17 April 1998.

Official Journal reference: OJ No 381 of 16.12.97, p.20.

Further information: European Commission DG XIII, INFO2000 Central
Office, DG XIII-E, EUFO 1179, L-2920 Luxembourg. Fax: + 352 401162234.
Email: Web:

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