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Subject: (no subject)
From: Prof Bruce Royan (b.royan@stir.ac.uk)
Date: pe 08 elo††† 1997 - 18:46:15 EEST

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Subject: Re: Conference Announcement - LIST 97, Hatfield UK 9-11 Sep 1997
Sender: owner-ecup-list
Precedence: bulk
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It's come to my attention that not all systems handle the UK pound sign
the same way, and that this has scrambled the pricing quoted for the
above excellent conference!! For more details, see:
The pricing should have read:
3 Day attendance - Pounds Sterling 425 + VAT
2 Day attendance - Pounds Sterling 305 + VAT
1 Day attendance - Pounds Sterling 155 + VAT
3 Day attendance - Pounds Sterling 425 + VAT
Half Day - Pounds Sterling 80 + VAT

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