Copyright Conference Copenhagen

Subject: Copyright Conference Copenhagen
From: Barbara Schleihagen (
Date: ke 09 heinä  1997 - 17:31:23 EEST

6-7 November 1997, Copenhagen

Dear colleagues,

The Danish Library Association is organising in co-operation with the
National Library Authority and EBLIDA a follow-up event to the successful
Oslo workshop which was held last year to prepare an answer to the WIPO
proposals. This year’s conference and workshop will take place on 6 and 7
November 1997 in Copenhagen and aims at informing in detail on recent
international and European developments in copyright, to prepare an EBLIDA
position paper concerning the new proposals of the European Commission and
to discuss the further strategy on national and European level.

The urgency of the meeting is due to the new directive prepared by the
European Commission which is to be published sometime this summer. This new
directive will cover the areas reproduction right, distribution right,
communication to the public right and legal protection of ECMS. For further
details, please consult the "Follow-up to the Green Paper on Copyright and
Related Rights in the Information Society", prepared by the European
Commission and the EBLIDA comments to this paper, which was published in
"Information Europe", issue 2/97.

The proposals will have far reaching consequences for the new electronic
services of libraries. EBLIDA is grateful to the Danish Library Association
and the Ntional Library Authority for co-organising this major event.
Please note that the first day is an open conference and everybody
interested is invited to attend. The second day is only open to EBLIDA

Enclosed please find the programme of the conference and workshop, and the
application form with some further information. Background documentation
will be distributed to all participants prior to the workshop.

Best wishes,
Barbara Schleihagen

6-7 November 1997 in Copenhagen

Organised by: The Danish Library Association in co-operation with the
National Library Authority and EBLIDA

Participants: conference: open to all interested
workshop: full and associate members of EBLIDA only

Venue: The Royal School of Librarianship
Birketinget 6
2300 Copenhagen S

Fee: Conference fee is ECU 75,- for each participant which includes
lunch and all conference background documentation. Please transfer the
equivalent in Dutch Guilders (Dfl. 165,-) into one of EBLIDA’s bankaccounts:

ING Bank Postbank NV
Account no. Account no. 04.56.043
Kantoor 094 The Hague Amsterdam
The Netherlands The Netherlands
Swift Code: INGB NL 2a Swift Code: INGB NL 2a

Registration can only be accepted if accompanied by payment. Please
specify that the registration is for the EBLIDA conference 97 and remember
to state your name. Please send a copy of the bank transfer with your
registration form.

Travel: All participants are kindly requested to take care of their own
travel arrangements.

Accommodation: We made a special arrangement with Komfort Hotel***,
Løngangsstræde 27, 1468 Copenhagen: Single room at 555 DK (= 75 ECU),
Double room at 850 DK (=114 ECU) including breakfast.
Please get in contact with EBLIDA, if you wish to take up this offer. You
have to book firmly by 1 October the latest. Please note: only 35 rooms are
available for this special price on a first come, first serve basis.



Thursday, 6 November 1997
Chairperson: Søren Møller, President of EBLIDA

9.00 hrs Registration

9.30 hrs Opening and purpose of the conference and workshop
Søren Møller, President of EBLIDA, Vice-President Danish Library
Margrethe Tøttrup, National Library Authority

10.00 hrs EU harmonisation of copyright - the Danish government’s view
Johannes Nørup-Nielsen, Head of Division, Danish Ministry of Culture

10.30 hrs The possible role of libraries in the digital future
Frode Bakken, President of Norwegian Library Association

11.00 hrs Coffee/tea break

11.30 hrs The American Debate after the WIPO Diplomatic Conference
Adam Eisgrau, American Library Association (invited)

12.00 hrs The new EU Directives and their consequences for libraries
Emanuella Giavarra, Legal Adviser to EBLIDA

13.00 hrs Lunch

14.00 hrs The WIPO Database Treaty and the legal protection of ECMS
Thomas Vinje, Copyright Councillor, Morrison & Foerster, Brussels

14.30 hrs Digital archiving or the citizen’s right to access electronic
Dr. Harald Müller, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and Public
International Law, Library, Heidelberg

15.00 hrs A Danish model to balance user rights and copyright
Prof. Mogens Koktvedgaard, chairman of the committee on libraries in
the information society (invited)

15.30 hrs Coffee/tea break

16.00 hrs The consumer’s rights in the information society: a strategy
Caroline Kerstiëns, former Legal Adviser BEUC (European Consumer’s
Association), Brussels
16.30 hrs consensus building in IMPRIMATUR
Graham Cornish, The British Library

17.00 hrs Discussion

18.00 hrs End

Friday, 7 November 1997
Workshop for EBLIDA members only
chairperson: Pascal Sanz, Vice-President of EBLIDA

10.00 hrs Presentation and Adoption of final ECUP+ Position Paper on User
Rights and outlook on further activities
Emanuella Giavarra, ECUP+ Project Director

10.30 hrs Presentation of 2-3 national library position papers by various

11.00 hrs Coffee/tea break

11.30 hrs Discussion of an EBLIDA Position Paper on the new EC
Directives with the help of a draft position prepared already in
advance by
Emanuella Giavarra, ECUP+ Project Director and
Barbara Schleihagen, Director EBLIDA

13.00 hrs Lunch

14.00 hrs Discussion on further lobby strategy on European and national

15.00 hrs Summing Up

15.30 hrs Internal meeting with some Danish Members of the European

16.30 hrs End


6-7 November 1997 in Copenhagen

Please return by 1 October 1997 the latest to:

EBLIDA Secretariat
P.O.Box 43300
NL - 2504 AH The Hague

Fax: +31-70-309 07 08


First Name:


Represented Organisation:





EBLIDA member: yes

I would like to attend: both, conference on 6 November and workshop
on 7 November

only the conference on 6 November

only the workshop on 7 November

Barbara Schleihagen, Director
Heidi Grootscholten, EU Policy Officer
P.O. Box 43300
NL-2504 AH The Hague
Tel: +31-70-309 06 08
Fax: +31-70-309 07 08

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