Standpoint and agenda FOBID Legal Committee

Subject: Standpoint and agenda FOBID Legal Committee
From: Ellen van Hattem (hattem@surfbureau.NL)
Date: to 26 kesä   1997 - 14:12:29 EEST

The Legal Committee of the FOBID (Dutch federation of organisations
concerned with library, information and documentation systems)
has formulated a standpoint and agenda for the digital library, on
behalf of the participants in the Legal Committee. This document
might be of interest to you and your organisation.

The standpunt and agenda can be found on the web-pages of the
Legal Committee. The participants in the Committe are also mentioned
on these pages.The URL is http://
For the Dutch version of the document:

I hope this document can be of any help to (further) develop your
standpoint, ideas and/or activities in this complex but interesting
field. Of course, we appreciate to hear what you think of our
standpoint and agenda.

Kind regards,
Ellen van Hattem
Secretary FOBID Legal Committee

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