Re: WIPO Copyright & Database Regulations

Subject: Re: WIPO Copyright & Database Regulations
From: Timo Lepistö (
Date: to 26 kesä   1997 - 17:29:00 EEST

Interesting fundamentals. In my mind stressing things like the
Jefferson quote and other rethoric on the site you referred to on ideas
being unconfined etc is nevertheless totally misguiding ground for a
state-of-the art conversation on copyrights in the electronic era. Even if they might temporarily delight those unfamiliar with the core contents of copyright. Thus the arguments concerning the use in libraries etc, an aim that I absolutely support as such, should also be found closer to real world outside.

As you know, the platonic world and ideas have not traditionally been protected and will not be protected in the electronic era neither. What is protected is the formal results of the efforts. These efforts as well as human, material or economic investments in order to create good quality information services or interesting works of art, are all the same still relevant subjects, even if tools of production and
distribution are changing.

If the efforts aiming to create/produce these works, which certainly
cannot be compared with free ideas or air, would not be protected, we would not see the development of the industry in this field neither - this applies both to individuals and e.g. publishing companies.

And fundamentally, as regards the very basis of what is the inducing
factor of human nature, I think this is not the forum of claiming changes here ...

Timo Lepist
LLM, Director
Oy Edita Ab, Helsinki, Finland

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