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Subject: Copyright Issues in Libraries
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Date: pe 11 huhti  1997 - 14:18:13 EEST


     *Copyright Issues in Libraries: Global Concerns, Local Solutions*

     Edited by Judy Watkins

     The growing tide of information across national boundaries has meant
     that copyright issues are of increasing global concern. International
     conventions provide a framework in which legislators operate. National
     legislation provides different answers to the questions.

     During August 1996 The International Federation of Library
     Associations (IFLA) brought together copyright experts at the
     pre-conference Seminar held in Tianjin and at the Conference Session
     of the Section on Document Delivery and Interlending to discuss the
     problems and how to deal with them. The papers cover general copyright
     issues in both electronic and paper based environments, approaching
     the topic from the points of view of libraries, users, collecting
     agencies and publishers. There are also papers covering national
     systems in developed and developing countries as well as discussion of
     international initiates such as ECUP (European Copyright Users
     Platform). The IFLA Position Paper on Copyright in the Electronic
     Environment is reproduced and discussed in this volume.

     ISBN 0 7123 2150 0 PRICE 5.00 pounds sterling


     *Charging for Document Delivery and Interlending*
     Papers from the IFLA Workshop on Charging, held during the 62nd IFLA
     General Conference, 29 August 1996, Beijing.

     Edited by Sara Gould

     Whether to charge or not to charge for document delivery and
     interlending has been a crucial topic for discussion for many years,
     and this publication brings together a number of useful and
     enlightening papers on this difficult issue. The one-day Workshop was
     organised by the IFLA Section on Document Delivery and Interlending as
     part of the 62nd IFLA General Conference. Authors are divided as to
     whether charges should be applied to ILL transactions or not, and the
     papers also include a historical look at the introduction of charging,
     and a possible solution to some of the problems which seem to be
     inevitable when charges are introduced. A useful book for those with
     an interest in the debate over "free or fee".

     ISBN 0 7123 2151 9 PRICE 5.00 pounds sterling


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