Real audio - just a toy, worthless for journalists?

Subject: Real audio - just a toy, worthless for journalists?
From: Johan Söderlund ( )
Date: to 06 maalis 1997 - 15:22:13 EET

I work as a music Journalist and I'm looking for other journalists that are
"listening to the Web" in their work.

Is there any use for real audio streaming or is it just a toy? Can you use
music on the Net to be updated on new music around the world?

I would like to get in contact with a journalists that listen to music on
the WWW as a tool to keep updated on music. If you're the right person to
talk to please read this letter. I other case you may have a colleague
that's more into this Web music business.

There is a lot to read about music but if you want to listen to a
particular song from a new artist it's not always easy to find it. If you
connect to the record companies sites you sometimes can hear the latest
songs, but sometimes it's just old musik (several weeks old).

My questions:

Do you have any experiences of using the Web to listen to new music

Is on-line music useful for the music journalist or is it just a toy

Can real audio streaming techniques change the music journalists work

How do you think bands and record companies will react on the new techniques

Please e-mail your answer to the ecup-list

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