Re: Photographic Copyright in the EEA

Subject: Re: Photographic Copyright in the EEA
From: Simon Smith (
Date: pe 28 helmi  1997 - 10:10:48 EET

Morten Hein wrote:

 Simon Smith wrote:

  I have come across the case of an archive of photographs dating from the
  1930's and 40's, mostly of celebrities of the day.

 I will mention that the new Danish act has a split view on photgraphs.

 A simple photograph will have a 50 years protection

 A fotograph considered as a work of art is protected untill 70 years
 after the death of it photographer.

 There is still no clear distiction of what 'a work of art' is in this
 case. It is, however, an opinnion by many that any phograph taken by a
 professional photographer will come under the 70 years rule. Some other
 photographs of distinction could also qualify.

 Still no court case has been made in this area.

 Morten Hein
Thank you very much for the response.

Can you tell me on what date the new Danish law came into force and
whether it applies to photographs taken before that date?

Simon Smith
Paris Smith & Randall

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