Re: Photographic Copyright in the EEA

Subject: Re: Photographic Copyright in the EEA
From: Lars Aronsson (
Date: to 27 helmi  1997 - 04:21:24 EET

Morten Hein wrote:
 I will mention that the new Danish act has a split view on photgraphs.
 A simple photograph will have a 50 years protection

Does the Danish law explain what a "simple photograph" is? Does it
cover photographic reproduction, as in a facsimile edition of a book?
If so, that would mean any act of printing would be covered by
copyright, wouldn't it? What about a simple photo of a painting in a

I wish to publish on the Internet some paintings by 18th century
painters. Obviously, the paintings are not covered by copyright. But
I don't have the resources to visit all the museums and private homes
where these paintings hang today, to photograph them myself, but would
have to rely on art books as my source for these images. Also,
obviously, once I have scanned an image, nobody can tell if I have
scanned it from a photo of my own or from an art book. If there was
any visible difference, the maker of the art book would have done a
poor job. So, can he claim copyright to the images in the art book?

This question is not limited to Danish law.

Lars Aronsson.

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