Security & Access for Multimedia Services

Subject: Security & Access for Multimedia Services
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: la 01 maalis 1997 - 23:14:53 EET

Information Engineering Concertation
Security & Access for Multimedia Services
Friday 21 March 1997

Fortezza di Basso
Viale Filippo Strozzi 1
Florence, Italy

The OPEN Concertation meeting is held as part of the EVA
conference running from 19th to 24th March in the Fortezza
da Basso, Florence.

The concertation meeting is planned to be a major event in
association with the DGIII projects COPEARMS and
IMPRIMATUR. The latter will be organising a closed SIG
on Electronic Copyright Management Systems on 22nd March.

The event will be run in the format of an Open Conference.
It is designed to be of general interest to organisations
embarking on the development of multimedia information
services and is intended to provide a forum for debate of
key business issues in the emerging information society.

Attendance is open to any interested party, not only
participants in EC sponsored projects, but also the
European multimedia industry in general and
representatives from the US or Japan. The objective of
the event is to provide a series of sessions with
specific focus on security, access, and EC sponsored
initiatives. Each session will be based around brief
presentations and ase study examples followed by a panel
discussion and questions. The whole day will be
conducted in Plenary session to ensure attendees have an
opportunity to gain maximum benefit from attendance.

The Programme for the day is as follows:

08:30-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:30 PLENARY - Chairman Mr.G.Stephenson
               Chairs welcome:
               Keynote address: Geoff Webster, FAST
                                 The importance of IPR & Security
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 PLENARY - Security
               Presentations from:
               Wolfgang Schneider, GMD - Towards a European Public Key
                Certification Infrastructure
               Peter Lipp, Univ. Graz - Digital Signatures
               Prof. Laurie Turner - Digital Watermarking

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:30-15:45 PLENARY - Access: Copyright, Licensing
               Presentations from:
               Chairman: Chris Barlas, Authors Licensing &
                                      Collecting Soc.
               Michelle Ledger, CRID - Copyright requirements for
               Gerry Wirtz, Phillips, Copyright & Security for DVD

15:45-16:15 Coffee Break

16:15-17:00 PLENARY - EC Sponsored Initiatives
               Presentations from:
               Dominique Gonthier, DGIII - ESPRIT Programme
               Bernard Smith, DGXIII - Telematics Programme
               Robbert Fisher, C&L - European Copyright User
  17:00 CLOSE

  Registration Details:
  Both Days - 125 ECUs (160 US Dollars)
  20 March 1 only - 80 ECUs (110 US Dollars)
  21 March only - 60 ECUs (80 US Dollars)
  Both Days - 65 ECUs (85 US Dollars)
  20 March only - 40 ECUs ( 50 Dollars)
  21 March only - 30 ECUs (40 US Dollars)
  Vasari Enterprises Ltd.
  Alexander House
  50 Station Road
  Aldershot GU11 1BG
  Phone : 44 1252 350780
  Fax : 44 1252 342039

      Registration Form for EVA'97 FLORENCE 19-25 March

  Title ________________________________________________
  Surname ____________________First Name _______________
  Name _________________________________________________
  Job Title ____________________________________________
  Address ______________________________________________
  Post Code _______________________ Country_____________
  Phone ________________________________________________
  Fax __________________________________________________
  Email ________________________________________________
  Principal activity of your organisation
  (Please tick one)
  Commercial/Government ______________
  Cultural/Educational __________________
  IE Project number: __________________
  N.B. Payments must be made in full and received by
               14th March
  Type of Registration(Ordinary or Discount)_________________
  Both Days _________________
  20 March Only _____________
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  Total Payable ______________
  Cheque/Bank Draft enclosed:___________________toVASARI ltd.
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