Re: Email as legal evidence

Subject: Re: Email as legal evidence
From: Ian McKellar (
Date: to 21 marras 1996 - 18:48:31 EET

Gerry MacKenzie articulated:
> I have been asked to acquire information on whether email can be used as
> legal evidence. The circumstances may differ in each country depending on
> legislative and/or policy initiatives.

This reminds me of my "Automated Felony Page". I set it up at a time when the
current version of Netscape seemed to allow the forced submission of email
forms, without the user's permission. Anyone loading the page with the right
versions of Netscape would be forced to send email to
with some death threat (which I can't remember now).

I never actually had it liked from anyware, and all the testing involved
mailing myself, but I'd wondered what the legal implications for all concerned
were... I would not actually threaten anyone, and the user would not actually
consent to sending the mail.

Its nice now that there are so many new and even more exciting web browser
security holes to exploit. Happy surfing (uck yuk I can't believe I used the
's' word).


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