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Subject: Re: Email as legal evidence
From: Tom Worthington (
Date: to 21 marras 1996 - 21:46:56 EET

At 05:24 PM 21/11/96 -0800, Gerry MacKenzie wrote:

>...I have been asked to acquire information on whether email can be used as
>legal evidence. The circumstances may differ in each country depending on
>legislative and/or policy initiatives...

The Electronic Document Management Subcommittee looked at this issue briefly
(see: "Information Management Steering Committee Improving Electronic
Document Management - Guidelines For Australian Government Agencies"

From this brief look it appears that electronic documents, including e-mail,
can be used as legal evidence. The difficulty is to convince the court that
the evidence presented is credible. The better run the e-mail system, with
technical and administrative controls, the easier this would be to do.

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