Directive on lending right

Subject: Directive on lending right
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: ke 14 elo    1996 - 18:51:26 EEST

Dear ecup-list subscribers,

As you might know the Council adopted on 19 November 1992 the
Directive on rental and lending rights and on certain rights related
(Official Journal, L346/61 27 November 1992).

In Article 5 (4) of the Directive, the European Commission
expressed the intention to draw up a report before 1 July 1997 on
public lending in the Community in cooperation with the Member

The European Commission, DGXV, will start in October 1996
to consult the Member States on the experiences with the
implementation of this Directive in the national legislations.

The EBLIDA secretariat is very interested in receiving comments on
the functioning of this Directive from the library community in order
to forward these to the Commission.

To my knowledge the Directive has been implemented in
the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.

Any information on the state of affairs in your country concerning this
Directive is more than welcome.

Best wishes,
Emanuella Giavarra

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