Conference on Public Information

Subject: Conference on Public Information
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: to 06 kesä   1996 - 20:21:30 EEST

On the Web-site of the Legal Advisory Board I found the following

On 27/28 June 1996 a Conference on "Access To Public
Information: A Key To Commercial Growth And Electronic
Democracy" will be held in Stockholm.

The Conference is organized by the Directorate General XIII
(Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of
Research) under the INFO2000 programme.

Among the themes to be covered:

* Public access to public sector-held information and dissemination

* How to conciliate access to public information and privacy,
intellectual property rights and national interests

* Improving the synergy between the public and private sectors in
the information market

* The information society and democracy in Europe

The conference is open to everybody. For more information:

Emanuella Giavarra

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