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Subject: Legal Advisory Board - Documents
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: to 06 kesä   1996 - 21:19:06 EEST

Dear Group,

There are more incentives to have a look at the Web-site of the
Legal Advisory Board (LAB):


You will not only find information on the LAB and its publications,
but also the text of the recently adopted Directive on the legal
protection of databases in English, German and French. This
important Directive was adopted by the Council and the European
Parliament on 11 March 1996. The Directive was published in the
Official Journal of 27 March 1996, no 77 p.20.

Should you not be able to get the full text of the Directive from the
Web or you do not have the Official Journal at hand, please do not
hesitate to send an email to and I will
send you the English text by fax.

I must draw your attention to another publication on this site.
It's the LAB's reply to the Green Paper on Copyright and Related
Rights in the Information Society. It's very good. It's the best reply I
have come accross up till now. You will find it on the site if you
select from the welcome page "LAB and other Documents available"
followed by "Intellectual Property"

Emanuella Giavarra

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