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Cooperation at The Cable has been fine and shaped net activities in Finland. Hundreds of individuals and organizations use the services of the Cable, established in 1992 as a cooperative society. Some pioneers of Finnish Internet still work for the cooperative.

What if grassroot movements and active groups learned to work and play together on this planet? World Social Forum and Wikipedia are very good "windows" to open one's mind right now. Also Free Software Foundation plays its part extremely well.

Steve Goodman's great song 'City of New Orleans' in Finnish (my translation).

The Polarity and Interconnectedness of Yin and Yang means that energy can be balanced, yet everything is in motion. 'Interconnectedness' -- I like the word!

Harmony was sought by Aldo Leopold in his Land Ethic; 'A Sand County Almanac' is a good read. See the video on the Shack.

Ever had deep thoughts about hypertext, about this digital space of ours? Where are we and what's ahead of us? Is critical discussion possible on the Web? See my notes on this.

Street life in Kathmandu
Street life in Kathmandu. I visited the capital of Nepal in October 2005. Photo: spim

Seen from Pashupatinath in Kathmandu
Late afternoon cityscape seen from Pashupatinath in Kathmandu (October 2005). Photo: spim

Latest quotes on Nepal, collected from various news sources and using a very simple Tumblr blogging tool:

Finland-Nepal Friendship Association has it Web site at www.nepal.fi.


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