Mail from another city ež1

by Leena Krohn ež2
Title Page ež3
The meadow and the honey-pattern - The first letter ež7
The hum of the wheel - The second letter ež46
Shimmer - The third letter ež58
Their mother's tears - The fourth letter ež67
The burden - The fifth letter ež97
The seventeenth spring - The sixth letter ež124
Burning on the mountain - The seventh letter ež135
Their innumerable dwellings - The eighth letter ež159
Like burying beetles - The ninth letter ež166
The charioteer - The tenth letter ež196
Tracks in the dust - The eleventh letter ež201
The day of the great mogul - The twelfth letter ež235
Proof copy - The thirteenth letter ež256
Sand - The fourteenth letter ež265
White noise - The fifteenth letter ež289
The Mimic - The sixteenth letter ež310
The great window - The seventeenth letter ež340
The work of the surveyor - The eighteenth letter ež349
The bystander - The nineteenth letter ež370
King Milinda's question - The twentieth letter ež401
Not enough - The twenty-first letter ež413
Dayma - The twenty-second letter ež423
The Dangler - The twenty-third letter ež474
The Guardian of the Oddfellows - The twenty-fourth letter ež481
The cloaked moth - The twenty-fifth letter ež519
The gate of evening - The twenty-sixth letter ež525
The umbellifers - The twenty-seventh letter ež541
Date as postmark - The twenty-eighth letter ež556
Passing bells - The twenty-ninth letter ež576
The pupal cell of my home - The thirtieth letter ež602
About the Author ež610

Author: ©Leena Krohn 1998
Translation: ©Hildi Hawkins
E-Book: © Ralph Amissah
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