Pictures and text: Leena Krohn. Graphic design: Marjaana Virta. English Translation: Miriam Leino Eldridge Technical realization: Mikael Böök. Publisher: Katto-Meny Information Cooperative.

Author's rights to this text are reserved to Leena Krohn.The work may be copied for personal use.

U.S. Copyright 1997 Miriam Leino Eldridge

Sphinx or robot appeared originally in Finnish, in December 1996, via the Knot at the Cable. The Museum of Contemporary Art has added this work to its collections, click here: Sfinksi vai robotti

Why is "Sphinx or Robot?" being published on the Net?

Its pictures are digital, and computer display does them justice better than hard copy would.

As long as ten years ago I wanted to produce a book that was digitally illustrated. At that time the technical resources necessary to achieve this did not exist. The development of graphics programs and the information network have made it possible to carry out this project. We wanted to attempt Web publication of a literary work as an integrated whole. The text of "Sphinx or Robot?" was brief enough to be suitable for Web publishing.

The order of the stories is deliberate. This work is thus "linear," although the stories can also be read separately and individually.

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  • Programs: For image creation VistaPro, DeLuxe Paint, Bryce, Painter, Graphic Converter; Distant Suns, Adobe Photoshop For text processing Nisus Writer, Emacs; HTML-editors Emacs, Adobe PageMill; WWW-broswers: Netscape Navigator, Opera Web Browser, IBrowser; Others: FreePPP, Trumpet Winsock, Fetch, NCSA Telnet, Eudora etc.

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L.K. and M.V. have received support from the House of Knowledge

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