The virus attachment

Subject: The virus attachment
From: Teresa Hackett (
Date: ke 11 huhti  2001 - 12:38:21 EEST

To: ECUP list

Some of you will know that a virus attachment was sent to the
ECUP list last week. I am very sorry for this and do hope that it
didn't cause anyone problems. I have discussed it with our Internet
provider and it seems that it wasn't an attack on the list, but more
likely that a member of the list got the virus, which then sent itself
to all the addresses in that person's address book, including the
ecup address. A loophole in the mail server software allowed this to
happen. We have taken steps to circumvent this and it will not
repeat itself. We cannot identify the sender of the message, but
the subject of the suspect message may be "News from
Cedric Chivers Ltd".

Please be assured that we are ever vigilant and do our best to
prevent such things happening.

Thank you

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