Press Release: Swets celebrates 2000 e-journals accessible

Subject: Press Release: Swets celebrates 2000 e-journals accessible
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 Please find enclosed a press release about the actual status of

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Lisse, November 1999

           Swets celebrates 2000 e-journals accessible in

Swets Subscription Service proudly announced today that it had
reached the milestone of 2,000 journals loaded and immediately
available to subscribers in SwetsNet, its web-based full text journal
service. Libraries and their users can now select from a collection of
over 2,000 scholarly journals comprising over half a million full text
articles from 49 commercial and society publishers, and university
presses. SwetsNet content will continue to grow rapidly during 1999
as agreements already signed with publishers cover an additional 630
journals which are in the process of being added to SwetsNet. New
agreements with a further 14 publishers are currently being finalised,
representing over 400 additional journals. Expectations are that
during early 2000, SwetsNet subscribers will be able to access a
database of some 3,000 full text titles.

In response to the development, Pieter Rustenburg, Chairman of the
Executive Board of Swets said: ‘Swets is extremely proud to have
reached and surpassed the 2000 title landmark which clearly reflects
our important role in electronic delivery of scholarly material. The
depth of full text material and breadth of links to this content has
enhanced Swets’ electronic services, aimed at providing a one-stop-
shop for its customers. This has further strengthened our already
expanding SwetsNet customer base throughout the world. Swets has
proved its position as a facilitator of primary and secondary
information in the electronic environment, an area of our service that
will continue to grow’.

Swets’ role in electronic journal provision has already been
strengthened by a partnership with CatchWord Ltd announced
recently at the Frankfurt Book Fair. This joint venture allows both
organisations to offer electronic publishing and distribution services for
publishers who would like to make their journals available online. The
Swets/CatchWord cooperation provides a complete publishing
solution combining the technology expertise of CatchWord with the
global distribution channels of Europe’s largest subscription agent.

SwetsNet provides the library and research communities with a single
interface for the access and management of electronic journal
subscriptions. A range of administration functions including an SDI
(Selective Dissemination of Information) function; a tables of contents
email alerting option; seamless linking from secondary bibliographic
databases providers (such as SilverPlatter, CSA, MDL) and library
OPACs. For the year 2000, Swets will be offering a pay-per-view
option in SwetsNet which will allow individual article purchase online.
A growing number of publishers have already expressed interest in
participating with their journals in SwetsNet. Further SwetsNet
information for both libraries and publishers can be found at: { } or { }

Note to Editors If you have any questions regarding this press release,
please contact Bart de Gans, Communication Manager of Swets &
Zeitlinger BV. Tel: +31 252 415 388. Fax: + 31 252 415 888.

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