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Subject: Re: Copyright: keep or assign to publishers
From: Michael S. Hart (
Date: to 23 syys   1999 - 18:42:11 EEST

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, STUART HANNABUSS wrote:

> Michael : Very interested in what you say. Often here in UK with
> academic articles it's Hobson's choice about assigning copyright
> (eg to MCB University Press journals) if you want to get into print
> at all and conform to the research-assessment exercise hurdle-

Yes. . .all the more reason to create alternatives. . . .

I realize "alternative" may be a word somewhat in disrepute at this time,
but the truth is that all progress is made by taking/making "alternative"
routes or choices. After the fact, it may look obvious, but when starting,
most of these "alternatives" look like "salons des refusees."

> races we have here. Could you tell me what Project Gutenberg is
> (and excuse my profound ignorance)? Good wishes, Stuart.

Project Gutenberg creates Etexts [computer files of books] and gives
them away free of charge through servers on each continent. Starting
in 1971 when the University of Illinios got on the Internet, we did
one Etext per year from 1971 until about 1990, when we moved to one
per month. Then we doubled every year for a few years until we did
32 per month. We were hoping to double again, and yet again, but we
will need more substantial funding. We are currently doing 36 Etexts
per month, and if we manage to average 40 per month until the end of
2001, we will have a total of 3,333 by that time, even without any
but subsistence level funding.

We have Etexts in 10 different languages, and are working on adding
at least one new language each month, but that is proving a more
difficult task than imagined. Most of our Etexts are in English,
and in Plain Vanilla ASCII [without markup] and are critical editions
based on several paper editions. This month we will be presenting
perhaps half a dozen German Etexts, as our German Team has finally
spread its wings and taken off, and we hope this will encourage the
other language teams that this sort of thing can actually be done.

We have just posted Shakespeare's First Folio, and are busy preparing
each of the 35 First Folio plays as separate files for those who
would prefer not to download the Complete First Folio.

Please let me know if there is more you would like to know, and feel
free to take a look at our main site at . .and I can give
you a list of some of our other sites if you like.

Since this is going to the whole list, better stop here, unless there
is more interest from others.


So nice to hear from you!!

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg
"Ask Dr. Internet"
Executive Director
Internet User ~#100

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