HARMONICA and EBLIDA meet the Music Industry

Subject: HARMONICA and EBLIDA meet the Music Industry
From: Barbara Schleihagen (Eblida@nblc.nl)
Date: to 04 helmi  1999 - 14:51:13 EET

Press Release

HARMONICA and EBLIDA meet the Music Industry

Copyright needs to be balanced with harmonised exemptions and security
backed up with a code of good practice.

On the 21st and 22nd January 1999 the Austrian Academy of Sciences hosted a
joint meeting of the HARMONICA Project and EBLIDA to discuss music
libraries and copyright. Representatives attended from the phonograph
producers, music publishers, composers' organisations, rights collection
societies, broadcast organisations, together with representatives from
public library music departments, music conservatory libraries, music and
audio-visual archives, music information centres and software research

All parties appreciated the need to recognise and protect the copyright and
neighbouring rights vested in printed and recorded music as well as in the
music elements in multimedia. While the industry needs to do all it can to
protect those rights, libraries have a role to make materials available to
their clients; archives and cultural institutions need to digitise and all
may need to copy for the purpose of preservation and access.

Though these positions may appear to be diametrically opposed, the Forum in
Vienna revealed much on which compromise might be reached. While the
European Parliament is debating changes to copyright regulations and the
phonograph companies are developing both copy protection and watermarking
against piracy, some music libraries feel that they are being left out of
the discussion, despite the active lobbying by much of the rest of the
library sector.

Music libraries and archives have much to do to keep up to date with
copyright legislation and the exemptions that govern their practice.

The main issue that emerged at the Forum was the lack of knowledge on all
sides of the position and needs of the other parties. In order that the
libraries can respect the position of rights holders, and that the rights
holders in turn can understand and support the legitimate needs of
libraries, archives and their users, they have all to talk to each other.
It was clear at the Forum that many parties were hearing the views of the
others for the first time.

Each of the different institutions: public libraries, specialist
collections, sound and audio-visual archives and music education
institutions must complete a matrix of needs and practices. With this in
hand there can be a sensible basis for discussion with all the rights
holders, leading to agreement on a code of good practice in these
institutions which respects and is respected by the music industry.

A full report of the Vienna Forum is in preparation and will be published.
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