How to protect your Web site?

Subject: How to protect your Web site?
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: ma 21 syys   1998 - 19:57:45 EEST

Dear list members,

Recently, the following message was posted to the cni-copyright list. If
you struggle with the same questions, have a look at Ivan Hoffman's
articles on his Web site at:

Kind regards,

I created a website for a client. Another internet provider
came along a year later and told my client that he (the provider)
could hack into my site, take all the images, database code,
website design etc and... cut my price for web hosting by
50%. My client agreed, the hacking was done, and a "new"
website appear on the hackers computers, complete with my
images, backgrounds, etc that I had custom created myself.
The "hacker" even went so far as to remove all of my
copyright notices that were on each and every page, and
then replaced them with his own.
My "ex-client" is a nationally owned/franchised realtor in Houston
Texas. The provider is a big time web creator/host, also
in Houston.
Do I have any recourse?
Pat Forbes

Ivan Hoffman responded:

You should read a number of articles on my site under the link
"Articles for Web Site Designers and Site Owners" including "Who
Owns the Copyright in Your Web Site?," and "Taking Over a Web Design

And by all means, for the future, have an attorney prepare for you a
thorough web design agreement covering this and many, many other

Attorney At Law
Lawyering With Integrity (sm)
Writing and Publishing Law, Web Design Contracts and Law, Copyrights,
Trademarks, Internet Law, Recording and Music Law

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