Workshop "Legal Issues of IPR in Electronic Commerce", Muenster, Germany, 24/25 September 1998

Subject: Workshop "Legal Issues of IPR in Electronic Commerce", Muenster, Germany, 24/25 September 1998
From: Jan Kaestner (
Date: pe 24 heinä  1998 - 23:55:12 EEST

Workshop Annoncement:
”Legal Issues of Intellectual Property Rights in Electronic Commerce”

Muenster, Germany, 24/25 September 1998

Dear list members,

On September 24th and 25th a workshop ”Legal Issues of Intellectual Property
Rights in Electronic Commerce” will be held at the Westfälische
Wilhelm-Universität in Muenster, Germany. The workshop is organised by the
Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law - Civil Law
Unit run by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren.

The workshop, which is open to the public, includes the following topics and

> Thursday, 24 September 1998

Section 1: Introductions
e. g. Introductions to Copyright - Prof. Dr. Alain Strowel; Copyright in
Electronic Commerce and Private International Law - Prof. Dr. Jon Bing

Section 2: Single Licensing
e.g. License Agreements in Electronic Commerce; Clickwrap Licensing in

Section 3: Statutory Licensing
e.g. EC Directive Proposal on the Harmonization of Copyright - Dr. Jens
Gaster, DG XV

> Friday, 25 September 1998

Section 4: Collective Licensing
e.g. Representitives of IFPI and BUMA / STEMRA on the Role of Collecting
Societies in Electronic Commerce; "Duty to Negotiate" in Collective
Licensing Agreements? - Ute Decker

Section 5: Registration and Protection of Domain Names
e.g. European Domain Name Disputes; Liability of Registries in Domain
Name Disputes

Section 6: Technical Aspects of IPR
e.g. Legal and Technical Aspects of Electronic Rights Management
Systems - Séverine Dussolier, Edmond Kouka; Reliability of Watermarking and
Labelling Techniques - Dr. Cathérine Simon

The workshop is part of the ECLIP project, a research project funded by the
European Commissions’ ESPRIT programme. ECLIP seeks to set up a platform on
the legal issues of electronic commerce and to this end gathers five
European research centres specialised in information and technology law. The
workshop will be held in English which is the ECLIP projects’ working

The Workshop addresses lawyers, legal experts working for enterprises,
associations or public authorities, as well as RTD projects interested in
intellectual property rights in the electronic field. The fee for attending
the workshop is 350,00 DM (or 175,00 DM for RTD projects under ESPRIT). As
the attendance is limited to around 50 persons, an early registration would
be advisable. As well, early bookings will be rewarded with a reduction of
DM 25,00.

Further information about the ECLIP project can be obtained at

The workshop page with the preliminary agenda as well as an online booking
form (not until July 30th) can be found under the topic "News", "2nd ECLIP

If you want to apply or in case you have additional questions please feel
free to contact me personally,


Jan Kaestner

P.S.: Please excuse any cross postings in advance, should they occur. I
shall be glad if you forward this information to your colleagues.


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