Re: Be Aware! Possible consequences of draft Copyright

Subject: Re: Be Aware! Possible consequences of draft Copyright
From: Mark Perkins (
Date: pe 27 maalis 1998 - 18:41:13 EET

Sally Morris wrote:-

> >Under the new draft EU Copyright Directive of 10.12.97
> >
> >Libraries, universities, documentation centres and archives cannot:
> >(unless they have a licence)
> If you don't have a licence, you will have no
> more right to use the material than for a book that you don't own.

I disagree - I have every right to use (read, destroy, annotate,
even copy under fair use/fair dealing) a book purchased by someone
else if they allow me. "First Sale" doctrine means that rights owners
have very limited ability to restrict what book purchasers do with
their property. The proposed EU Directive would remove the "First
Sale" doctrine from books etc delivered on line by defining these as
services. Thus there will legally be a great difference between the
hard copy and electronic environments.

While the above mainly refers to individuals - the principle still
holds for institutions.

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