Patent information on the Internet

Subject: Patent information on the Internet
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Date: ma 02 maalis 1998 - 15:25:54 EET

(From LABnews Jan/Feb)


The European Patent Office announces a project for dissemination of
patent information on the Internet On 29 January 1998 the European
Patent Office, the Munich-based international body in charge of
administering the European Patent Convention, announced a projects
called Distributed Internet Patent Service (DIPS).

Under the DIPS project, citizens and small and medium enterprises will
be able to access patent information via the Internet using standard
Internet clients. The service, which will be offered free of charge, is
planned to start in mid 1998.

Implementation of DIPS is planned at two levels.

The first level of DIPS requires that basic national patent information
is disseminated through the Internet servers of the national patent
offices and of the European Commission. Each national office will be
responsible for storage and provision of such basic information.

The second level, which envisages two phases of implementation, will be
operated under a central database managed at an international level. It
aims to provide worldwide basic patent information back to 1970. In the
second phase, on-demand delivery of scanned documents will be provided
via the Internet.

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